Primary Program


Kids World offers several programs designed to match the development stage of each individual child. Programs include Infant-Toddlers, Toddler, Pre-Primary and Montessori Kindergarten.

The word kindergarten means the children's garden, a place where a child can blossom and grow. The Kindergarten classroom enables the kindergarten child to become a leader, gain self -esteem and independence and to develop physically, emotionally and academically. The long-term effect on the child who has been in the program for a continuous number of years is noticeable, but due to the individualized attention given by our directress's even children who have entered the program at a later time show incredible academic capabilities. Studies have proven that children who have received a Montessori education grow up to be competent and exceed in areas of life. Enthusiasm and the love of learning are carried within the child for a lifetime.


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